What is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

The Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment is a mild temporary straightener that once applied sits upon your hair strand’s cortex without penetrating through it.  This prevents your natural hair bonds from being broken down, while allowing the keratin to moisturize and strengthen your individual hair strands.  This provides for the most amazing results.

What to expect:

The treatment will relax your hair. It will soften your wave considerably and remove frizz.  It will slowly wash out, and will not leave a line of demarcation when it grows out.  Eventually, your hair will revert to its original texture unless additional treatments are applied.  It will not damage your hair.  The Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be applied over previously relaxed, color treated or otherwise-processed hair.  The product is heat activated.  Applying heat (using a blow dryer or flat iron) will yield very quick results.  Your styling time will be greatly reduced!

What it won’t do / What not to expect:

Because the straightener does not break the hair bonds it cannot give your hair a “pin straight” result.  Results will vary from person to person according to the unique texture and density of each person’s hair type.  However, the more frequent the treatment, the straighter your hair will become.  Damaged hair and split ends will yield a frizzy appearance after your initial wash, but this is not to be confused with the product not taking effect.  For optimal results we suggest that all of our clients take advantage of the complimentary trim that is included with your service.

What you shouldn’t do:

Wash your hair frequently.  The less you wash your hair, the longer the effects will last.  (As an alternative to washing your hair with shampoo or other soap products, you can rinse your hair with plain water, as this will not easily wash the keratin away from your treated hair strands)

Swim, or immerse your hair, in pools or sea water.  Chlorine and salt will strip the product away from your hair.

During your 24 Hour processing time:

Do not use clips, pins or any type of hair fastener.  Do not place your hair in ponytails or other binding during the processing time.

If your hair gets wet or if you perspire heavily during the processing time, quickly dry your hair to a sleek finish.  Do not allow it to dry naturally in these circumstances.  If you allow it to dry naturally, it will yield frizzy results when you do wash your hair.  Please wait the entire processing time required (24 hours) before washing your hair.

Is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment safe?

There has been some controversy regarding the safety of Brazilian Keratin Treatment due some manufacturers’ formulations of the treatment containing too much Formaldehyde in the solution.  Salon Couture offers two products for the B.K.T, one that contains the legally allowed level of 0.2% Formaldehyde, and also a formulation that is 100% Formaldehyde free.  We take every safety precaution when performing the procedure.

Special Instructions:

Use sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners only.  Sodium chloride will strip the product from the hair.  As an additional service for our customers, Salon Couture offers two different product lines containing no sodium chloride or other stripping agents.  All of our offered products are completely B.K.T safe.

Tips And Tricks:

While you are waiting 24 hours for your hair to process, you can blow dry your hair in the morning to smooth any kinks that might have set while you were sleeping.  This will also enhance your final result.


Robin - before   Robin - after Brazilian Keratin Treatment  Vonda - before Brazilian Keratin Treatment  Vonda - after Brazilian Keratin Treatment